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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup


I wanted to ignore this Eddie Evans blog for the rest of my life, and current events refuse to leave me in piece. So, today I start a current events section. The intent remains to keep my sanity in a tight, neat box because the world has gone insane, more insane than "normal."

If this is normal, then we are truly doomed as a species. It's like we scratched wounds to let them fester and ooze blood and pus. Why is and maggots now adhere to these wounds when we have only time for healing change. We can only expect the rate of suicide to increase along with other social pathologies. All of this has something to do with this biohazard cleanup website, then.




Another Former Donald Trump Aide Convicted; Mike Flynn Strategy Suffers Blow | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

The most straightforward answer to my question, "why blog?," I answer in this way: the blogger writes because he or she has something to say. And then the answer to this blogging question becomes more dense, sophisticated.

Consider the non-blogger with no experience blogging may not even know the meaning of the term "blog." Upon their first encounter with the blog will wonder what is going on. They asked themselves, "why would anybody write a blog?". They read comments, and sometimes they find a blogger's comments that make sense. They may find helpful information. For example, a homemaker may write a blog about cooking. Perhaps one of their themes may explain how to cook eggs. There are numerous ways to cook eggs, including cooking eggs for tortillas. Adding cheese, onions, and peppers to write "tortilla egg sandwich" makes life a little easier for the time stress homemaker. Warming tortillas in a hot frying pan comes quickly enough. And then slipping a slice of butter into the warm pan frying eggs is easy enough. Perhaps an egg batter mixed with cheese, onions, and peppers to envelope inside tortilla will help with dinner. Finally, how about boiling eggs for hard-boiled eggs. What's the best way to boil eggs for hard-boiled eggs while making them easier to peel? "How to peel hard-boiled eggs" remains the biggest question in the world of egg cooks.

Then some bloggers will share their thoughts on art, religion, social affairs, philosophy, and science. These steadier subjects will lead to hundreds of millions of blog comments on the Internet. Like here, the themes of suicide cleanup, homicide cleanup, unattended death cleanup, Sheriff-Coroner death cleanup cronyism, as well as more general subjects like blood cleanup come to mind. So there's plenty for the world's bloggers to write about the human condition. And there's plenty for the world's bloggers to write.

Often, by using Google, Bing, or Yahoo, the world's bloggers can search for keywords and then find their way to information. It's the "keywords" that make the Internet what it is today. Without the keywords, we can mindlessly search the Internet for days and days and never find what seek to know. But merely typing in biohazard cleanup, for example, will lead to numerous biohazard cleanup companies.


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July 29, 2019

Added September blog.

Adding San Bernardino County Filthy House Cleanup

Parts per million (ppm) carbon dioxide (CO2) continues to increase globally. Arctic sea ice contines to shrink. The crime scene cleanup part of this "glacier riddle" continues to point to the source of this crime scene cleanup job, the fossil fuel corporations and the United States Government.

I'm adding San Bernardion filthy house cleanup out of curiousity. A filthy house is more than a dirty house, of course. Feces is usually the common denominator among filthy houses, but there's more. Open can amounting to garbage help define a filthy house. Other garbage deposits throught a dirty house embellish the dirty house into the rhelm of the filthy house.

July 25, 2019

Returned to suicide stories for a short while.

Suicide cleanup with significant decomposition cleanup issues and odors.

For the sake of testing, it would be nice to place an inexpensive piece of linoleum or other product on top of the once soiled area. This would seem to eliminate this area from concern. These issues are always hair pullers.

I once did a Las Vegas homicide that remained without cleaning for one year to the day. I knew "to the day" because the news paper for that date the previous year was on the kitchen table. The victims were down a long time in Nevada heat, but the odor's had gone away. Two adults and a dog were down for over a month as I recall. Time is nice if you have it.

Thanks for the update. Your description fits a significant decomposition with prolonged exposure to the cellular material described. This is redundant, I know, but anything with a cellular structure, especially carpet padding, will absorb the odor.
Time is a key, but, depending upon circumstances, recovery requires painting and/or demolition.

The only demolition that may wait would be the scene's tile, the soiled tile area. That's not a big job and it does not require hours and hours, but three hours would probably do it with the proper tools.

For other areas, especially kitchen cabinets, if wood particle, airing, shellack, or ozone would be my approaches. Ozone is not easy to find in California. You cannot buy an ozone machine in California legally. Still, it might not hurt to try and rent one since they were available some time ago. Sunbelt rentals or such had them once upon a time.