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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup

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  • When it comes to crime scene cleanup, or the crime scene cleanup activity to match that of cleaning up climate deception criminality. For example. In March 2009, the heartland Institute gathered over 800 "scientists, economists, legislators, policy activists, and media representatives." They met in New York City for a three-day conference. The heartland Institute claiming that "the presenters at the year's conference are the lead in the world among climate scientists." The problem with this criminal claim, however, is that almost none of the speakers at active research in climate science.-Reviewed science journals. This was climate deception of the worst sort, criminal behavior.
  • Many of the speakers did not even have science degrees. Some were distinguished MIT meteorologist. But this did not account for the fact that peer-reviewed climate scientists articles were not written by most of the gathering. What all these presenters would claim is that global warming was not only false, it was a deliberate Hawks designed by former astronaut. It was meant to transfer "an enormous amount of money from the people to the government." The title of the program, global warming: was it ever a crisis?" And that it's criminality after the three-day meeting, but this criminal -like activity would lead to the death of many millions of world citizens. Worse, species-populations in the wild will go extinct as as result.
  • A worthy crime scene cleanup book will make note of the shenanigans. It will also detail some of the history leading up to today's climate science. Where would it begin? Where to begin with the ancient Greek philosophers like Thales and then skip to Aristotle? Or would bypass all of that grasping the dark for something more solid like Joseph Fourier's research into the heat trapping qualities of the greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide and methane? From Fourier, would such a climate science history move forward and stop momentarily at John Tyndall? Such a climate science history with then moved to Savant Arrhenius and his 1996 work on the greenhouse effect.
  • Yes, they were the crime scene cleanup book would cover the history of climate science and more. It would make no one the criminal conduct of corporate CEOs and Exxon as well as the propaganda machine produced by the Coke brothers and Rupert Murdoch.
  • A worthy crime scene cleanup book would cover blood cleanup throughout the world as humanities climate catastrophe spreads. San Diego County blood cleanup companies like Biosafe when he the call for help.


August 13, 2019

Eddie Evans old and wild domains

I've been fighting a terrible cold the last two weeks. It lingers on and appears that it's going to continue lingering for some time. Soon the chest now. The cold weather is is more than enough in the early morning hours. There's no getting over it. One cannot do biohazard cleanup when suffering from such a terrible cold. In the meantime, I added Florida biohazard cleanup domain. Likewise added I added a long, redundant list of current and deleted domains.

I'm waiting to see how the next election comes out. If Trump is again coded in as president, I anticipate a greater number of suicide cleanup calls. If a Democrat gets elected, I may feel more secure as far as health insurance goes and climate change mitigation goes, but I don't see a measurable increase in suicide cleanup business.