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Biohazard cleanup as found here includes homicide, sucide, unattended death with decomposition, infectious and other types of waste cleanup. I use this term broadly here and in the context of crime scene cleanup. Used elsewhere, biohazard would apply to vectors like disease carrying insects. Here, biohazard, biohazardous, applies to human blood in most cases.

Biohazard as used here follows the guidlines established by the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia. Here's a list of those humans fluids deamed biohazardous by the Center for Disease Control:


These fluids often occur following traumatic injuries caused by accidents, homicides, suicides, and unattended deaths. Of course, laboratories in the business of producing blood analysis abide by this same understanding of human fluids quaifying as biohazardous. We call these substances "bloodborne pathogens." Bloodborne because disease and illness spread among us by human blood, not by air (aresols), insect bites, or other carriers of human illness and disease.

Because of thes biohazards we must follow "bloodborne pathogen protocols" to reduce the risks of working with or near human blood. The United States Occupational and Health Administration oversea the management of bloodborne pathogen rules in the workplace. Actually, it's the American workplace that gave rise to congressional legislation leading to the creation of bloodborne pathogen protocols. Without these rules workers would have no legal protection or standards to follow in many work places. We know this by history's stories about worker abuse in the American workplace before the progressive era.

Today's biohazard cleaners can thank the many science researchers into diseases like the Human Immunodeficiency virus and Hepatitis C for our biohazard protections. Even today, employers in the crime scene cleanup business are known to tell their crime scene cleanup practitioners that "It's not dangerous." Meanwhile, they tell their prospective clients that crime scene cleanup carries much risk because of bloodborne pathogens. Some of these crime scene cleanup company owners even tell people that the death and blood odors carry disease.

In any case, these practitioners work as biohazard cleanup practitioners because the death cleanup field includes human Poop cleanup. Animal and insect cleanup also come within the duties of a biohazard cleanup practitioner. Among the more lucrative work found in the biohazard business, we find heavily soiled feline poop cleanup, cat poop cleanup.


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