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Audio introduction

I'm Eddie Evans and this is my San Bernardino County incontinence cleanup web page. I take telephone calls at all hours and on all days. Today I'm writing this sentence on Easter Sunday, for example.

Questions I ask

I like to ask a lot of questions while on the telephone with San Bernardino County callers. The more information I get the easier my job and the quicker I get incontinence clean up completed. So here's a list of some of the questions I might ask about your incontinence cleanup needs:

  • Who will pay and how?
  • In what city do you need incontinence cleanup service?
  • In what rooms or roons is their feces contamination?
  • Is there parking?
  • Is there running water, electricity, and a working toilet?
  • When did this incident or incidents occur?
  • When can work begin?

My Services

I clean infectious waste, which includes feces because it is infectiuos. I also do blood cleanup following traumatic incidents and after death cleanup. I do biohazard cleanup work, that is. I do not do hazardous materials cleanup.

I do my best to arrive early and remain within minutes cleaning scene. This helps to ensure that I arrive early; as you might guess, I prefer to do the cleaning on the day after receiving a call; however, when calls come early enough, I can offer service on the same day as long as I am not preoccupied.

I enter the residence and see what needs to be cleaner. I return to my truck and begin unloading and setting up tools and supplies. I extract the contaminating feces, srub the soiled areas, rinse, and then disinfect with bleach and alcohol. I r3emove soiled materials from the premises for proper disposal..

San Bernardino County Prices

My $250 service charge is a flat fee for the first hour of labor; thereafter I charge between $40 to $50 per hour. But, I do not stick closely to the clock in most cases. I do not charge for extra time when another 20 or 30 minutes is required for incontinence cleanup. I usually know before I begin the incontinence cleanup task if more than an hour will be required. So, usually I ignore anything less than about 30 minutes to a full additional hour. Only once have I needed to charge more. (See the Incontinence Cleanup Stories page for more on what happens when more than an hour is required.)

, except for cleaning sites a long way from my Cypress, Orange County residence. Although I try to keep my service affordable, I must cover my expenses and add an addition $50 or even $100 more depending upon the distance that I must drive; I regret these additional fees but they are unavoidable. I do add some for the time lost on our horrifically congested highways. There are times when it take me 3 hours to drive 30 miles. From San Diego County I have taken as long as 5 hours to drive 118 miles. So you see that I need more to work at incontince cleanup when driving becomes a job in itself. Still, I charging for gas and wear and tear, mostly.

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What I do.

  • I arrive on time (98% of the time).
  • I extract feces from horizontal and vertical surfaces.
  • I scrub, rinse, and disinfect with household cleaning solutions for residents' safety.
  • I honor my price.
  • I remove all feces soiled materials for proper disposal at my expense.
  • I pay for all cleanng materials and tools.

Damage from Incontinence

  • Carpets will sometimes show color loss because of feces acidic levels. Once a carpet loses its color, it become difficult to return color to carpet fibers. Some Southern California carpet cleaning companies offer carpet stain services.
  • Mattress heavily soiled by incontinence become stained and sometimes become permiated by feces related odors; in the worse circumstances a death-like odor develops. Such mattresses are difficult to restore, althugh in warm, dry weather a vigorous cleaning technique may help remedy some of this problem.
  • Natural Stone usually fairs well following an uncontrolable incontinence incident. Cleaning of stone flores should follow recommended cleaning policies with mild to moderate abrassives.

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We might include odors related to incontinence under "incontinence damages," but only when repeated incontinene incidents repeatedly remain. It is not often that I receive calls for my incontinence cleanup service for more than one incontinence incident, but it happens.

Most often odors begin to dissipate soon after the fecal matter is removed. Only when large quantities of feces soils a dwelling do odors linger for longer than a few hours. What happens is that these odors permiate cellular materials like carpet cushion, clothing, matteresses, and such.

An elderly gentlman suffered from a mental condition. His caretaker left him unattended for a week. As a result his home became heavily soiled by feces. Basically, I would call this a "feces cleanup" task. Beause of the physical condition, both mental and physical, incontinence cleanup sufficed. Feces cleanup usually involves homeless one-time defication incidents, like many incontinence incidents.

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Causes of fecal incontinence include some of the following:

muscle damage

  1. muscle damage
  2. nerve damage
  3. constipation
  4. diarrhea
  5. hendroids
  6. loss of rectum storage area
  7. surgery
  8. rectal prolapse
  9. rectocele
  10. Irritable bowel syndrone (food and drink)

Many of us begin to legal incontinence around the age 65. So fecal incontinence is more common among the elderly. I find this to be true in my incontinence cleanup business. Females sometimes suffer incontinence of childbirth, but that should not concern us here. Researchers have found also that women who take menopause hormone replacement therapy may become more susceptible to fecal incontinence.

Then there is the possibility of nerve damage occurring in people who have long-standing diabetes or multiple sclerosis. Besides these elements, I find that dementia as a result of a late stage Alzheimer's disease and dementia play a role in fecal incontinence. Physical disabilities will sometimes lead to problems that occur while trying to reach the toilet. Sometimes some people have been injured they may suffer rectal nerve damage.

Most of the time when someone calls for my San Bernardino County fecal incontinence cleanup business service, an incident has occurred that began in the bedroom while the sufferer began to experience their incontinence. From bed they make their way to the bathroom toilet. They may leave a great quantity of feces on their bed or near their bed and then drip all the way to the toilet. Then again, they may drip from their bed to the toilet, but just before reaching the toilet they begin to lose full control. It is here the toilet that I find families and caretakers of their match so to speak. Then decided to seek professional help because it's more feces than the character cleanup.

Some people use urinary incontinence clean-up products. Caregivers sometimes have difficulty with an unpleasant task of urinary cleanup as well as fecal cleanup. Both fecal and urinary smells become more bearable with certain products.

It is best to clean a feces or even urine touches soiled skin soon. Using warm soap and water will do the trick. Some people prefer using special talents and cleansers which we can find at our local pharmacy. Thoroughly cleaning the skin and ensuring that it is dry should help protect from rashes.

Any time that skin appears red or irritated a gentle application of an unscented moisturizer will help the incontinence sufferer. When a rash will not leave the sufferer of incontinence, medical attention should be sought. It is possible that some sort of fungal infection has occurred. Fungal sidle creams and ointments and even sprays are available to help fight the sort of infection.

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Fecal incontinence arises when people lose their bowel control. As a result, they excrete their feces (stool) unexpectedly. It gushes suddenly or uncontrollably from the rectum. Some people will stop her from an occasional feces leakage as a result of eating habits. Some people will suffer incontinence while passing gas and unexpectedly defecate in their pants or in their bed.

At times diet will play a big part in causing fecal incontinence. Some people will eat hot and spicy foods in the natural gut irritating properties of these spicy foods leads to incontinence.

Here is a sure way for this writer to cause incontinence following a bout with constipation. In the early morning hours when I read and write, I drink hot tea, and it is boiling. Within a short time, I might drink ice cold water, especially in the warm summer months. As a result, I become susceptible to dramatic, explosive, uncontrollable incontinence. When I take my morning walk at times, the combining of hot and cold liquids set me up for incontinence.
This is not a planned condition; it's something my lifestyle leads me to; I know better and then forget. I simply hydrate before walking and absentmindedly so. Consequently, I find myself a couple of miles from my bathroom and defecated in my pants. I now try to remember this condition before I go walking, especially when I am wearing short pants. At least my jeans and underwear capture the fecal matter. This is better than leaking on my way home and alerting the neighborhood to my incontinence.

At times like this, I do not have the ordinary incontinene symptoms. These include the following:

  1. diarrhea
  2. constipation
  3. gas and bloating

Urinary incontinence

Urinary incontinence often plagues older people like myself. Some of us lose control because our spinster muscles have weakened. And some of us to simply leak before we lose all control. Urine leakage may continue for an hour or two before we lose full control. I suffer from both of these conditions.

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I try not to do things like eating watermelon before I go on a long drive.Urinary incontinence well-stocked in Southern California traffic leads to some embarrassing moments. I've often wondered as other people must have wondered, as I run to the bathroom through a store or restaurant to reach her bathroom, does the urge to urinate increase, does the incontinence increase? I think so. This is just another way to say how devious are psychological makeup becomes when our physiological makeup begins to make impossible demands upon us. So "when you got a go, you gotta go."

I have worked that incontinence cleanup for about 15 years. I do not do a lot of it, but it seems that I get a call about every 6 to 8 weeks. From from north to south, San Bernardino County to San Diego County, niece, San Bernardino County two Los Angeles County, I have worked at incontinence cleanup.

Because I live in Orange County, California, I must increase my incontinence cleanup prices for residents in some areas of Riverside County as well San Diego County. Anytime I must drive to places like Palm Springs I must charge more than my $250 fee.

We know that urinary leakage will cause rashes. So it is important that urine leakage not be allowed to accumulate and cause the urine odor and soil clothing, bedsheets, poster, or even carpets. Yesterday I did a incontinence cleanup in San Clemente, California. A gentleman had failed to use protection for his mattress and had soiled it with both fecal and urinary. He was not wearing incontinence pads, adult diapers, or other absorbent products. He swore that he would start doing so following my visit.

Making a payment for San Bernardino County incontinence cleanup when it need not have occurred will help remind him to protect his bed and sheets. My prices in the Orange County area are low for feces cleanup services.

Incontinenced cleanup services are offered to the following San Bernardino cities:

Angelus Oaks
Apple Valley
Big Bear City
Big Bear Lake
Blue Jay
Bryn Mawr
Cedar Glen
Cedarpines Park
Chino Hills
Forest Falls
Fort Irwin
Grand Terrace
Green Valley Lake
Joshua Tree
Lake Arrowhead
Loma Linda
Lucerne Valley
Lytle Creek
Morongo Valley
Mountain Pass
Mt Baldy
Newberry Springs
Oro Grande
Parker Dam
Pinon Hills
Rancho Cucamonga
Running Springs
San Bernardino
Twentynine Palms
Twin Peaks
Yucca Valley

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