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I charge from $450 to $950 for most Los Angeles County suicide cleanup fees. Call at any time. Once I arrive, I can give a definite quote. My telephone quote is based upon information provided. So expect a low and high price, with the high price a not-to-exceed price. If you have called around you know already that this is the lowest price quoted for a Los Angeles County suicide cleanup services. My cleaning service for Los Angeles County comes with a written guarantee. I accept Los Angeles County homeowners insurance as well. (return)

When calling for a Los Angeles County suicide cleanup price quote or other information, you will reach me, Eddie Evans. I do my own cleaning work. I have no employees and no need to pass responsibility to others in my biohazard cleanup company's name. This ensures Los Angeles County families that they receive my personal responsibility for all work related to suicide cleanup. From the first telephone call (unless my wife answers) to the removal of soiled materials and a walk-through by the responsible party, I claim responsibility for cleaning issues.
I also guarantee a return for additional cleaning should cleaning outcomes fail to meet your expectations.

I'm known by some nationwide suicide cleanup companies as "Ed Evans." I go by Eddie Evans because this is what my mother called me, "Eddie." Also, Eddie Evans has a "more familiar business" ring to it, I'm advised.

So a Los Angeles County suicide clean up by Eddie Evans cost less money in most cases; not just hundreds of dollars less, but thousands of dollars less in a high percentage of suicide cleanups. How is this possible? The answers involve the Los Angeles County Coroner's employees, a small percentage for sure. They have a monopoly over which Los Angeles County suicide cleanup companies receive suicide victim's families receive calls. You will note receive this explanation elsewhere.

Test my explanation elsewhere. Go to the Internet and use Bing - Google. Do a search for Los Angeles County suicide cleanup. You will find one or more of my web pages on the first page in most cases; yet, I receive very few telephone calls for suicide cleanup services. Meanwhile, I receive a fair number of calls for my other cleaning services, which are not related to homicide cleanup, suicide cleanup, or unattended death cleanup. Mostly, it's the Los Angeles County's coroner investigators that handoff Los Angeles County suicide victims' families to crony suicide cleanup companies.

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What I do - -

  • I arrive on time.
  • I first walk through the suicide scene and then return to my vehicle for needed supplies.
  • I work alone.
  • I remove blood soiled matter, physical and fabric from furnishings, floors, walls, and ceilings.
  • I scrub and rinse soiled areas and then decontaminate, "sanitize."
  • I remove all blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) from the premises.
  • I charge Los Angeles County families a fair price while guaranteeing my work.
  • I also ask questions while on the telephone. I interrupt the caller because I know that they are stressed out and they probably really don't have an idea of what to expect from a suicide cleanup. So, I usually interrupt and say something like, "let me ask questions because it's usually easier when asked the question." You can see a list of his questions below if you care.
    I ask for an email with the responsible parties telephone number. I will ask the caller to include the quoted prices on the email. I will ask the caller for the address. I may ask about parking and any residence in the building while cleaning is to begin. Of course I will ask when I may begin. Is my preference to begin early in the morning, but this isn't mandatory. I prefer payment in cash, and understand this is not always practical. So with that in mind I have a PayPal peerage the leads to payment for suicide cleanup using a PayPal account or, using the PayPal page, payment with a Visa card or Master-card. I accept checks as well. Checks are my last choice. Sometimes I offer a small discount for cash payment, please ask.

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What I Charge

I will charge anywhere from $450-$950 for most suicide cleanups in Los Angeles County. These are what I call "simple suicide cleanups." Small handguns, knives, and razors account for the cause of death. Decomposition issues may also be included in this price range. It's when a large caliber handgun or large rifle or shotgun are used, then I must charge anywhere from $1200 to as much as $1800. So call. I may give a roundabout figure while on the telephone and then comment that upon arrival at the suicide cleanups income, I can provide a firm quote. Rest assured this will be a fair quoted much smaller than my competitors. (return)
I must make a qualification here and this is where my one-man show else to stand up to my competitors' services. I may need a second data clean if it is a large suicide cleanup job.

Because I do my own side cleanup work for families in need of suicide cleanup services.

  • I have no need for suicide cleanup practitioners and employees.
  • I have no need to pay for employee medical insurance or vehicle insurance.
  • I have no need for employee vacation pay.
  • I have no need to pay for employee retirement.
  • I have no need to pay for employee Social Security.

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I go to great lengths to arrive on time. I actually drive by the suicide cleanup scene an hour or even two hours before work is to begin. I then my my time in a local parking lot. When the hour arrives to begin work, I'm at the front door and and the responsible party my business card.

I then asked to see the suicide scene in any areas related to it. I walk in and take a quick look and return to my truck for the initial supply of tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions. I may make as many as 45 trips to my vehicle during the cleaning.

If possible, I will open any windows in the room. I will remove the blood and other potentially infectious materials (OPIM) from the floors, walls, furnishings, and any other objects period. If a bed is soiled, I will remove the bed covers, pillows and pillowcases, sheets, mattress, and "reduce" blood another human influence from the mattress. Usually, this is the most time-consuming task. The size of the mattress will have a lot to do with the time it takes. Of course, I prefer suicide cleanup jobs that do not involve furnishings like mattresses or couches. But at times, if there is enough money in walls, I may take on such a task. I have cleaned after death for over 17 years, and I've done sort of cleaning many times.

Fabric Issues

Once the mattress issue is resolved, then go to work on the bed springs, the mattress box. Once this is done, I will go to the floor below. If carpeted, will cut out the soiled carpet and carpet padding. I will then scrub and rinse the floor below. I will seal one soiled floor. All soiled materials will be removed unless as a request by the responsible party to keep the blood soiled materials. I usually prefer not to pass the materials on. For example, one special suicide cleanup in Palmdale, I place the suicide victims Levi's in a tub of water and rinse them out. I then put them in the black bag for the family to either discard or wash at their leisure. I prefer not to do this.

A Different Type of Cleaning

What you need to know is that suicide cleanup, like most types of biohazard clean, are not the typical type of "cleaning." Suicide cleanup is really more demolition than cleaning. Yes, cleaning occurs, but I would say over half the time goes to the destruction of property soiled beyond use. Anything's been soiled by human blood that is soaked usually discarded, especially carpet and carpet padding. Only in those rare cases where the family must keep blood soiled clothing or consideration be given. My guess is that families that choose this option, later decide to throw these materials out.

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I may use a fogger to disinfect broad areas of the suicide scene. I generally use bleach and water in the farmer. I do not use exotic chemicals because these can be hazardous to the toddlers or elderly people who come upon this thing later. There is no way to know if exotic disinfectants have broken down promptly for a safe return to a room; hence, I prefer to use bleach for disinfecting. Centers for Disease Control says that 20 to 25% bleach and water used on nonporous surfaces is desirable for disinfecting. At times I may use 50% bleach depending on circumstance, like on blood soiled concrete floor.

In worst-case suicide cleanup scenes, and wood floor soil and saturated with blood for a prolonged period of time may need to be cut out. I do this when necessary. Most often I will not replace the floor because this is a handyman job, a job for a professional or at least someone with experience doing this type floor work. I have replaced pieces of a floor in the past. Typically this will be on the suicide cleanup job that is at my top price ranges.

It happens that I know about concrete floors because I have done concrete grinding, concrete owning, and concrete polishing. In the worst cases of concrete floor damage from prolonged blood soaking, the blood will need to be ground out. But these cases are very rare. I've only had one such case in 17 years, and this occurred in Reno, Nevada. What happened was, the apartment building the suicide happened in was less than one-year-old. The suicide victim was down for a prolonged period of time. When the owner discovered the suicide saying, called a professional suicide cleanup company to handle the situation, and I did. My observations, they did everything by the book and possibly more.

According to the apartment owner, the suicide cleanup company employees sealed the once blood soiled floor with a paint sealer. Two weeks later, the death odor still permeated the apartment. The suicide cleanup company returned and did their best to remedy the situation and cannot. The apartment owner then call the second professional suicide cleanup company to remedy the situation they reclaim the apartment and read of the apartment concrete floor. And yet, the owner still persisted and one could smell the death of the suicide when entering this rather new apartment.

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Department owner called me one afternoon and asked me to visit the apartment consultation, not to remedy the situation. When I arrived in Reno, Nevada, I found nothing amiss other than a new concrete floor that still remained with its "virgin" covering, its foamy surface text from its initial pouring, within the year.

No blood or sign of other human effluences was visible from the surface of the concrete. It happened that I brought my concrete grinder with me and took off the top layer concrete, lightly. Once off, I could see the outline of the corpse etched in the concrete. Over time the suicide victim's blood another fluids leech below the line surface, the only surface, and into the next layer of the concrete, those tiny little stones to become the surface above the larger concrete rocks below. I ground out the image to clean the area. The order was now gone.

Somewhere I have pictures of this cleanup, and I can never find them at this time it's been so many years. This is a worst-case scenario concrete groundnut. But we should not have to grind out concrete in most cases. Just be advised that the first year that concrete is down, it will be "curring." And until cured, it's open to soaking up fluids, including human blood.

Soiled property will be removed from death cleanup. This is all part of the charge. All cleaning materials, cleaning solutions are part of the cost. There are no additional fees, then, for suicide cleanup services.

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In fact, Orange County has suicide prevention hotline for families that may be threatened by a suicide among its members. You can call for help at 1-800-273-8255.

Orange County provided $600,000 to begin spiraling mental health crisis issues related to suicide and suicide prevention. The Orange County health care agency directs its funds to a nonprofit organization This suicide prevention organization seeks to focus on youth suicides.
Research shows that the US has experienced a 30% increase in suicides in the last 20 years. In 20 16/45,000 people committed suicide.

More than half did not have a mental health diagnosis. This indicates that many suicides occur by people who are not suffering from mental health issues. They simply ran out of hope. Of course, some will say that when you run out of hope and become suicidal, you have a mental health issue. Perhaps so.

Common life stressors often relate to relationship issues between family members and friends. Especially among young teens, relationships become deadly and lead to suicide when least expected. It's hard for family members to understand and know when their teen is about to commit suicide because of some infraction of rules among peers. It's in the tender years of maturation as the libido kicks in, and the mind comprehends changes to the body and suicide contemplation may arise. We know by news accounts that some things publicize their suicide following an embarrassing incident in their school. They go as far as to upload their suicide comments to social media.

In Los Angeles County, since 1999, a 15% increase in suicides occurred according to the Center for disease control. That's a lot of county employee suicide cleanup work taken from the suicide cleanup owners.
Suicide studies indicate that the signs and symptoms to be on the watch for include isolation, agitation, anger, alcohol, and drug use. Changes in sleep patterns may also indicate suicidal ideation. Some experts have said that it may be necessary to have a conversation if you're concerned about a loved one. Of course, some families are not open to suicide conversations.

By far, a reliable indicator of suicidal ideas includes a sense of hopelessness. Therefore, considering these times, perhaps it better to let people know that it's okay to feel hopeless. And will change after all. This all factors into the overall count of suicide cleanup work, as well.
Suicide is rarely caused by any single factor, job loss, financial or legal stresses may have to suicidal ideas, but usually, we don't know what goes on in the mind of someone who can't cope with suicidal thoughts.
In his book about the drug war, Robert Russell writes about the drug war. He says that it is a "fascist protection racket, Reichstag Fire designed to justify sucking as much of the public purse as possible into the military-police-prison complex." This may be hyperbole, generally, but in some ways, we can find a bit of truth in it.

Mr. Russell has hit upon something, "drug-cause crime" should not be an issue. It's the prohibition caused by crime, the hoodlum flights over dealing territory that causes so much of the crime. More, today it causes mass migration from central and South America into and toward the United States.
At this moment, there are many Mexicans, Salvadorans, Guatemalans, and Hondurans waiting to enter the United States legally or legally. Many of these people are desperate and suicidal. Yet, the masses do not commit suicide. We might ask why? Why is it that this population there is so stressed because of drug wars, drought, oligarch controlled economics, and overpopulation, why is it they do not commit suicide and any cases? It's because of family ties. Their close attachment to their families. If we look farther into these family ties, we see where in situations that are split, suicide may increase. Suicide cleanup service may not be sought by this demographic groups because of expenses.

As the climate changes to warm and route occur worldwide, we will see more suicide behavior. As a result of suicide cleanup would become a family chore for those without discretionary income. For those with discretionary income, a sizable number in Los Angeles County, families will seek suicide cleanup company help. People intuitively know that clean up the suicide by a family member will cause emotional trauma in many cases.

Experience suicide cleanup practitioner like myself have seen so many suicides that we rarely become emotional over the nature of a suicide cleanup saying. It is the same with a homicide cleanup were unattended death cleanup same. There's little emotional attachment to these types of biohazard cleanup scenes. It's another day at work in many cases. I could say that in June when suicides occur among the high school population, suicide cleanup becomes emotional in some ways. It is a sad thing to see a suicide by a high school student who failed to graduate from high school along with his peers. They see it as the end of the world when it's really the beginning of the world.

It was the Los Angeles County corners department to receive credit for classic studies into suicide by analyzing suicide notes. Because suicide is one of the leading causes of preventable deaths in Los Angeles County, studies show that Los Angeles County has about two suicides per day. Compare this to India wherein 2013, over 135,000 people committed suicide according to statistics released by the national crime records Bureau.

Thanks to suicide note analysis, we find notes become a valuable source for understanding suicide. This may be beneficial to suicide prevention. Suicide notes are sparse, to say the least.
Name a suicide note studies is to help prevent suicides and develop strategies. The materials and methods used for descriptive studies of suicide notes in one study spanned 2010 to 2013.
In one suicide note study, the word "guilt" stood out as an indication of the suicide victims depression. The note we believe sought to create awareness of the victim's sense of loss. If we were to look for keywords and suicide notes, we would look for guilt, prevention strategies, suicide, and a suicide note.
During the last 50 years, suicide rates have climbed by over 60%. India in just three decades experienced an increase of 43% in suicides. In spite of suicide being a leading cause of preventable deaths, and among the top 20 leading cause of death globally Raleigh, we still know too little about suicides. Recent information from South India suggests that the region as the highest suicide rate. Annual suicide rates throughout India come to about 11 out of every 100,000 in the general population. In 2013, roughly 135,000 people committed suicide.
There are many similarities between suicides, but every individual differs in their suicide or suicide attempts due to their varying social and personal conditions in biological predispositions. We find differences in suicide risk factors in different cultures, and this risk may change during periods of intense social pressures. A common cause or attempted suicide in Southeast Asia involves interpersonal relationships. These may include family conflict, domestic violence, academic failure, love affairs have gone sour, and even mourning following the loss of a loved one to suicide. In general, the stresses we all suffer in life can account for the suicides in some cases.

Cities besides Los Angeles County receiving Eddie Evans's suicide cleanup and other biohazard services.

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