Orange County Incontinence Cleanup Narrative


I do my best to be punctual. Because I dislike sitting in traffic, I make a point of leaving early in the morning. Using my GPS, I drive by the incontinence cleanup address an hour or more before the scheduled work hour. Then I drive away and find a place to set listen to the radio or read. Sometimes I'll go to a hardware store like Lowe's or Home Depot and buy supplies and browse. Other times I'll go into a restaurant like Denny's which are usually open in the early morning hours. Then I linger and drink tea and maybe even eat pancakes.

When the time comes to return to the incontinence cleanup site, I will leave wherever I'm hanging out and arrived for work about five minutes before the
When you call for incontinence cleanup services you will reach me, Eddie Evans. I have been in infectious waste business for over 17 years, and incontinence cleanup is one of my fields of service. I service all of Southern California when it comes to incontinence cleanup, but I cannot offer the same incontinence cleanup prices to families and businesses in Bakersfield as I offer folks in Orange County.

When you call you will notice that I ask a lot of questions if I can. I need to do this to understand what cleaning solutions and tools I will need. I also need to clarify how payment will be made. You noticed already that I prefer payment my task, but sometimes I can accept the down payment with a check. But I prefer cash. Another way to make incontinence cleanup payment is by way of PayPal. I have a PayPal account Online, and you will find a page on this website that would direct you to my PayPal. account.


For Orange County residents I charge a flat service fee that includes the first hour of labor and cleaning supplies. So for $250 you have my incontinence cleaning services for one hour; thereafter, I need to charge an additional $40 per hour. However, I usually do not invoke this additional fee when the first hour take 20 to 30 minutes longer. Most often I know before I begin work if I will need additional time?

When there is a fecal trail across a living room carpet leading to an heavily soiled bathroom, most like I will need an an additional time. With that said, I have taken up to 3 hours on very large incontinence cleanup jobs. For example, one lady suffered kidney and liver issues. She was also using dialysis services. At one moment while in her kitchen and not clothed, she lost total control. She panicked and sat on her living room couch, wondered around the house and so forth.

Anyway, my incontinence cleanup prices reflect the cost of staying in business. I have other cleaning services and any one of them seems to keep me going while the others do not. So my cleaning services depend on customers making payment as asked and in a timely manner when given an opportunity to defer payment.

In the past I have allowed Orange County real estate management corporations to defer payment, but this is no longer possible. Too many times I have needed to "chase" these poor actors to ensure they pay, some have never paid. As a result my cleaning businesses becomes stressed and remaining in business becomes just about impossible. So my prices do indeed reflect my business needs.

PayPal Payments

The Eddie Evans PayPal. account opens to a window at PayPal. There you can use your credit card or debit card to make the payment if you do not have a PayPal. account. If you do have a PayPal. account, use it. I absorb the cost of this transaction, and this is another reason I prefer cash. You need to visit this page to reach my Eddie Evans PayPal. page.

Questions I Might Ask

  • Who will pay and how?
  • Can you tell me if this is a one-time incident or fecal soiling for more than one event?
    What room or rooms are soiled?
    What is the parking situation?
    What about running water, electricity, and toilets that work?
    When can work start?

Of course, I remove contaminated fecal materials that cannot be cleaned so long as the responsible party wants it removed, not counting furniture and mattresses. I have an additional fee for mattresses removal. Sometime mattresses are so heavily contained by feces that customers want to remove their mattress and replace it.

I do my best to remove feces from nonporous surfaces like floors, walls, toilets, shower stalls.

The highest frequency of incontinence incidents seems to occur in a bedroom during the night, at least as far as I have witnessed. It appears that an ongoing illness or some sort of dietary issue from a recent meal begins leads to defecating during sleep. People wake and realize their situation. Quickly, if still mobile and agile, they had for the toilet. Frequently the restroom which will often be close to their bedroom.

Here is where the psychological part of incontinence kicks in. It seems that the closer the patient gets to the toilet, the higher the desire to defecate. I to know this experience. When walking during my early morning exercise walk, I have had to defecate and could not quite make my way back home in time. It seemed the closer I got to my home and toilet, the more I had to go poop. Eventually, I lose control. By the time I reached the bathroom, the battle was lost. I imagine this is what's on my customers mind as they lose control.

So, I know what happens.

When I enter, I hand a card to the responsible party and check out the cleaning scene. Then I have an idea about what I need to clean and begin transferring cleaning solutions and equipment. Most often the bathroom is included in the scene. Sometimes a mattress, bedding, bathroom towels, bathroom door and door handle, and even a bedroom carpet are involved. I will mention this elsewhere: if feces soiled the carpet, then the odds are that the carpet will have a color loss.

Cleaning Solutions and Disinfectants

The pending upon cleaning conditions and room ventilation, and a good choice of cleaning solutions and disinfectants for incontinence cleanup work. I note again that carpets often and color loss following contamination by human feces. This has something to do with the difference between feces acid content and carpet materials. I did not restore color loss.

Clothing, bedding, and towels can be washed in the washing machine using hot water, soap, and a little bit of bleach. Sometimes a mattress can be claimed and lightly bleach. In this way, owners can be reduced, and some staying can be removed. But all of this depends upon the condition of the mattress when found. How much liquid was in the fecal matter? How often has incontinence activity occurred on a bed?

The following chemicals are easily found on an Orange County supermarket shelves as well as hardware stores like Home Depot and Lowes:

  • Chlorox Bleach
  • Chlorox Cleaning Solution
  • Pine-sol
  • Rubbing Alcohol
  • Simple Green
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