Fecal Incontinence Cleanup Narrative



I will ask questions like these to help learn the tools, equipment, and cleaning solutions needed for incontinence cleanup.

  • At what time can cleaning begin?
  • How will you pay?
  • How is the parking situation?
  • Is cleaning needed in a bedroom, bathroom, and elsewhere?
  • Is there anything else I might need to know?
  • Will pet and children be in the residence during cleaning?

My "excessive" incontinence cleanup prices are for a reason.

I sometimes regret charging $300 for a simple incontinence cleanup service. The time required to drive and the expense is what causes me to charge so much. In parts of Los Angeles County and almost all of Orange County I charge much less. Ventura County, San Bernardino County, and San Diego County also have high fecal incontinence cleanup costs, usually.

  • Cost of cleaning chemicals, tools, and equipment.
  • Internet and web site expenses for marketing; helping those in need of incontinence cleanup services find me.
  • Insurance for cleaning business,
  • Insurance for my trucks and van,
  • Vehicle costs and maintenance (I paid $800 to have a fuel pump changed and this is a too familiar vehicle maintenance cost.
  • Many hours on the road because of increasing traffic congestion. I know that on any one incontinence cleanup, I will be stuck in traffic on the return trip, usually.

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Repeated Fecal Incontinence Issues

It is helpful to know beforehand, before I leave my premises, if I'm going to clean after a one time incontinence situation or ongoing fecal incontinence situation. I need to know what I need for cleaning. Sometimes because of illness or for whatever reason, some people will have a number incontinence events and not cleanup the feces. I prefer to know beforehand, then, if I will be cleaning after a one-time event or an ongoing event. It makes a difference when I fetch needed materials.

I do not do carpet cleaning, but I did at one time. For incontinence cleanup I "spot clean" carpet. See carpet cleaning comments below for more.

Also, some people often find me under "Riverside County feces cleanup" when looking for ongoing incontinence cleanup, by the way. You may have wondered about the appropriate key search words to use for Riverside County incontinence cleanup. Riverside County homeless cleanup service information is also available on this Eddie Evans web ste.


Age, Disease, And Incontinence

We know that as we age, seniors are more prone to lose their physical agility as well as control of their bowels. We know the man no longer have that ability to stop urinating on command. We know that many "senior citizens" are need of diapers. It should be no wonder, then, when some of us defecate without control.

Most people that look for incontinence cleanup services call for a sick relative. They know when they've met their match. Either for emotional, psychological, or physical reasons they cannot cleanup following a loved ones incontinence. So they find me or someone like me. I make it a point to spend many hours marketing my incontinence cleanup service because it's more than business, it's a socially needed form of labor.

Before long some of my competitors will begin to advertise for incontinence cleanup services. The difference between them, mostly, is that most people will prefer my service because it's cheaper. My competitors usually cannot afford to charge what I charge because they use employees. I have no employees to do the incontinence cleanup services that I offer in my infectious waste cleanup business.

I know that in a few months my competitors will begin to pop up on Google and Bing. How do they know that I'm advertise and incontinence cleanup? They know because I have done my research on both Google and Bing. While writing these words I began to research incontinence cleanup on Google, the predominant search engine on the Internet. At the top of the page, I found incontinence clean-up cloths with dimethicone advertise.

The following advertisement was for clean carpet cleaning – hundred and 21 years of carpet cleaning. I imagine this company does great carpet cleaning with that kind of experience. They do not advertise for incontinence cleanup, though. The following advertisement is for Sage products introduces new incontinence clean-up cloths. And as I cruised down the page I see nothing else but advertise in. Not one independent incontinence cleanup business appears. I imagine in a few short months my competitors will begin to pop up here. How do they know when I'm in this business is that it may offer add-on onto the infectious waste cleanup business?

It's easy for my competitors to find when I'm up to. They simply need to go to my homepage and look for links. When they find a new link they explore it and see what I'm up to. This is important to new cleaning businesses because need to learn new services to provide. The cleaning businesses like most other businesses in our country. There's a type of natural selection at work. You either adapt or you don't. If you don't adapt you don't survive. So when competitors crab the cleaning market, you need to add on to your cleaning business. Hence, I have added on incontinence cleanup. My competitors will do so soon. Good for them.

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Sam suffered from incontinence because of a growing Alzheimer's issue. His wife helped all the tree could. Finally, she was overwhelmed by his incontinence issues. One morning she had decided that she could no longer handle the severity of his conditioning she called me. She found me by asking her neighbor for advice, and her friendly neighbor recommended the Internet. So, Sam's wife first used "incontinence cleanup for Riverside County" search words. She found a host of incontinence products and slowly scroll down the page and found my incontinence cleanup services for Riverside County.

She called later in the day, and there was not much I could do to reach her because of the distance and traffic congestion. However, she did arrange to have me arrive at 7 o'clock the following morning. Also, as is my practice for incontinence cleanup work in Riverside County, I arrived at her address at 5 AM. I try to arrive at least 1 to 2 hours before work begins. This way I know, I'll be on time and I don't have any undue stress because of the traffic. On this morning I made my way to a local Denny's where I had breakfast. Then I found the local Home Depot to buy a bottle of cleaning solution.

Because I still had almost an hour before work began, I leisurely sat in the parking lot while reading a book. Five minutes before starting time I arrived at Sam's address. I knocked on the door. Sam's wife answered the door. I handed her a card, and then made my way into the feces soiled room. On this occasion, Sam had slept during the night without his diaper. He had heavily soiled his bed sheets, carpet, and the floor to the toilet. The toilet received heavy soiling. Sam had lost total control as he entered the bathroom. The shower was also soiled.

On this job I had cleaned all the services Sam had swirled with his hands as well. It took an hour and 20 minutes. As is my policy, I generally do not charge when I go beyond the first hour so long as it does not take longer than 20 the third. When it is obvious it will take more than two hours; then I must charge an additional $40 cleaning fee. I try not to do this. My price is high enough as it is.

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Carpet Cleaning

This is redundant I know. But do use a cliché, some things these are repeating. If you have had human feces on your carpet and it remain moist for a long period of time, and you have probably had a color loss on your carpet. (return)

Random Thoughts

I try to get to my customers as soon as possible, but "soon" has lost much of its meaning in the last few decades because of traffic congestion. I can recall driving around Southern California when I left the Army. My first few days I drove around each county from San Diego County to Ventura County and San Bernardino County and Santa Barbara. I went everywhere else in between. I simply cruised to where I wanted to go without much thought to traffic congestion. Little did I know back then I would be in the incontinence cleanup business in part a run in my business was to factor in the time and cost of heavy traffic regardless of the hour I drove.

When I leave for and incontinence cleanup job, I prefer to leave in the early morning hours to bypass as much traffic as possible. But this is no guarantee that I will not run into some sort of highway construction, a traffic accident blocking the freeway, or a policeman of some sort. And then there's the trip back from the incontinence cleanup work. I know before hand that I'm going to spend a lot of time on the road on the way back. I have resigned myself to this fact of life. I would prefer to live somewhere where the traffic is not so daunting. That is the way it is. And environmentalist friend of mine once said, "no matter where you go, no matter where you run, Los Angeles will come and find you." Well here we are some 30 years after that comment was made to me. It is more true today than ever.

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