Sonoma County suicide cleanup needs are serviced by me, Eddie Evans. Our charge less than most of my competitors is not all my competitors. I can do this because I don't have any employees. For the 17 years that I've been in the suicide cleanup business, I work without employs and saved many families and businesses thousands of dollars.

Yes, "thousands of dollars" because my competitors often charge thousands of dollars for routine suicide cleanup services. With that said, not all suicide cleanup tasks are "routine." Some are quite involved in require additional cleaning as well as demolition work. For example, a shotgun suicide can take up to two days for me. It's because I clean alone that I can take up to two days to clean after a shotgun suicide. Typically, though, my suicide cleanup time averages anywhere from 4 to 8 hours.

I guarantee my price, and I guarantee my work with this means is that when I arrived at the suicide saying, you will already know that I have offered a low price for cleaning and a high price for cleaning, which is also referred to as "and not to exceed price." Rarely do I offer Sonoma County residents a suicide cleanup fee for less than $700. And rarely do I reach my not-to-exceed price. I'm usually between these low and high prices.

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Glenn Ellen




Thank you for writing.

"Clean out" is a little vague in the context of they type of cleaning that I do. I do death cleanup. "Clean out" could mean that you want me to clean the apartment like M and Maid and remove everything the way Becon's Moving would remove furnishings, everything. So is it just a death cleanup or more that you want?

If you ask me to clean up the death scene now at the Rossmore Hotel, I understand what you need and want. But, saying that you need a "clean out" is too broad. You need to be more specific; this is why people ask me for a death cleanup, suicide cleanup, and so on. "Clean out" will get me in trouble, possibly you too. I need to know what you want. "Clean out" can mean a number of things depending upon what's in the room. Otherwise, you'll need to look elsewhere for help.

I understand that you are writing for a death scene cleanup. A death scene cleanup means to remove the death scene, which includes removal of blood soiled materials. The use of the phrase "clean out" is confusing in the context of death scene cleaning. Biosafe is a biohazard (death) cleanup company, not a moving company or janitorial-like cleaning company.

For your information, normally, I only do death scene cleanup. A death scene cleanup means removing those death soiled items belonging to the deceased person. A death scene cleanup does not include cleaning the room, at least not as done by Biosafe; however, other biohazard companies will do whatever cleaning tasks you request, but for a hefty fee, like $300 to $500 per hour, plus disposal fees. So, people call me because I clean only death scenes and I only remove those items soiled by the death. If you wish me to do a "clean out," my charges will reflect my hourly rates and disposal fees. The work will probably take two day as well.
So, if you want, I can do the death scene cleanup plus, move everything from the room, and then "clean" the room, which will cost a great deal more than I normally charge for a death cleanup alone.

Again, a "clean out" is like a "move out" of everything in the room that belongs to the resident plus cleaning the room besides the death cleanup. Is this what you want?

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