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Homicide - Suicide - Unattended Death Cleanup

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Unattended death cleanup information found here offers comments on the term unattended death, death, and issues related to the consequences of an unattended death to the death scene environment.I provide information about unattended death cleanup procedures as well as my own unattended death cleanup fees. I accept homeowners insurance, check, and cash.I have over 15 years in the Unattended Death cleanup field in have worked at death cleanup in 24 states.

Prices - Check - Cash - Homeowners Insurance

You will find my cleaning fees fair and reasonable and most often well below my competitors' prices. My prices remain lower because I do much of my own work. I have 15 years experience in charge with fewer hours of labor in mind. It's hard for my competitors to find professional biohazard cleanup practitioners like myself with my wide experience over so many years. Granted, at least one or two of my competitors in California have wide experience as well, but they do not do their own cleaning work. The higher others.

Employees do not have a vested interest in the business for which they work for, unless they are son or daughter of the owner. Even then, sometimes these employees will wish to go off into their own world of business and employment at some time. So it's hard to be my proven record for guarantees for work and price as well as my concern for business sustainability.

My prices reflect the cost of doing business, which will include the distance from my workshop to your address. Whether a family residence, apartment building, condominium, mobile home, recreational vehicle, business or industrial structure, my unattended death cleanup prices reflect the following:

    • Business insurance
    • Vehicle insurance
    • Bond
    • State trauma scene practitioner license number 134
    • Vehicle maintenance including fuel
    • Cleaning equipment, tools, and supplies
    • A reasonable profit



I guarantee my work in I guarantee my price. You have this guarantee in writing before work begins. You have this guarantee in writing because we exchange emails when possible. When not, I present a guarantee in writing upon arrival at the death scene. My guarantee for price means that the price I agree upon when entering the death scene is the price that I will charge when exiting the death scene upon completion of my work.

The last type of party or stress any family or friend should endure is a cleaning company playing fast and loose with unattended death scene cleanup prices. I think of such behavior as about as low as a business practice can go, ever. So I'm very pleased that I've never backed out of a guarantee for price on cleaning after unattended death.

Likewise, family members and businesses should never worry about the quality of unattended death cleanup work. That's why I offer my guarantee to return to the death scene for additional work upon request. I asked for no additional fees and I would never question your judgment on this matter. Death cleanup is not the sort of business service that anyone should need to question.Last on this matter, I consider your payment to me includes an insurance policy for my return. So when you consider my price against my competitors, remember you're paying for a guarantee for both price and quality of work.


Unattended Death

When we first hear this phrase unattended death most of us must stop and try to comprehend what we just heard. I know when I first heard this phrase my mind went blank for an instant. And then I thought about the meaning of the phrase and realize that unattended deaths are probably common to our species and always have been so. Still, when we think of an unattended death of a friend or family member in our home where there is, were taken aback and do not know where to begin.

I know that in the past some of my customers have commented that they knew nothing about and unattended deaths procedures. They were at a total loss and at the county corner employees willingness to share information. Sometimes these employees directed these families to specialized cleaning companies known as biohazard cleanup companies which deal with unattended death cleanup. This seemed friendly and helpful to these families in need of help. With these family members did not know is that these County employees would receive a 10% kickback from these biohazard cleanup companies. Sometimes these County employees own these biohazard cleanup companies, shocking as it may seem. It is a truth and it is true nationwide.

Today's unattended deaths in California most often occur among the elderly. What frequently happens is that an older person chooses to live alone for whatever reason suit them. In some cases they do not choose to live alone, but must live alone because there the sole remaining survivor of their family line. Perhaps for some social or psychological reason the family has wish this person to remain alone. Most often when this happens it's because family members have split up to live in other cities, counties, or even states.

In fact, more than once I received calls for death cleanup services from other countries. It happens that at times families go on vacation and learn about the unattended death of a loved one while out of country. It happens that members of the military learn about a lone parent passing away unattended. There's all sorts of reasons that an unattended death occurs, then.


Unattended Death Cleanup

Because of the nature of an unattended death I must consider this type of death cleanup as a "biohazard cleanup." It's a biohazard cleanup because human blood is involved. According to the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, Georgia, any human blood in an external environment must be considered biohazardous.

As a result of this finding, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), as directed by the United States Congress, must administer and regulate blood-borne pathogen training. This training applies to anyone who works with blood or is expected to be in the near vicinity of human blood during their working hours. As such, biohazard cleanup practitioners employed as blood cleanup technicians must have blood-borne pathogen training. I have had blood-borne pathogen training a of times, but I'm not required to have it by law. I'm not an employee, I am a business owner of the biohazard cleanup service.

I have broken down cleaning and unattended death into three levels of understanding. I call these three levels "cleaning tiers" for convenience. Tier 1 I consider the least biohazardous, and in fact in practice it should not be biohazard at all. Anyone should be able to walk into a tear one level unattended death scene without concern for infection by human blood or other infectious materials. A tear to level of cleaning will have soiled materials from the death still present, but these materials will either be bagged in plastic bags or otherwise contained for transport to another address. Tier 3 is the original death scene contaminants in full view without complete containment.

Usually at the beginning, during, and after work on tiers two and three I will have used decontamination efforts. I will have set my sights removing any contaminated clothing, bedding, mattresses, bed prings, furnishings, and other materials in need of removal from the premises.

At times questions of demolition arise because body fluids will have migrated below a mattress, through the mattress box, onto carpeting and through its two layers of latex binding, and onto the floor below. In this case additional work scrubbing, rinsing, and decontaminating the soiled flooring area is required.

In the worst case, linoleum, natural stones, and wood flooring may need to be removed depending upon the saturation of would flooring and seepage between surface layers of floor materials.

Eddie Evans, unattended death cleanup page narrator






I'm Eddie Evans and I wrote this unattended death cleanup narrative. I have no relationship at all to county employee's referral scams.

I accept homeowners insurance in lieu of payment when I have a claim number, insurance company name and adjuster's name and telephone number. I prefer to talk with adjusters before beginning work.

Call at any hour on any day and I will talk with you about prices. Most often you will find my prices are fair and reasonable well below my competitors.

If someone told you that you cannot do unattended death cleanup in your own home or in the home of a family member, they are either mistaken or lying. It happens that some biohazard cleanup company representatives do lie in order to gain more business. They will also say that blood and death odors are dangerous, which is hugely untrue because many of us would have died many times over. Think about the corners employees as well as morticians throughout the history of the world that would've died upon exposure to blood in death odors.If you must do cleaning in your home or the home of a friend or relative, you're free to call me and ask questions. There's no charge for information.