Ventura County Incontinene Cleanup Narrative

Prices for Ventura County

I charge a service for $250 and it includes up to one hour of labor with cleaning materials. Usually, when I work and additional 20 to 30 minutes I ignore the additional time. If I believe that an additional hour will be required I alert the responsible party; in this case the additional hour or hours of incontinence cleanup work is usually $40.

If a caller insists on same-day incontinence clean up after 9 AM, then I must charge an additional $100. There is no way around this charge. Because of the horrendous traffic congestion between Cypress, California and Ventura County cities, I must spend additional hours traveling to Ventura County to clean. I wish it was otherwise but it is not. After 17 years in the infectious waste cleanup business, I have learned that I must include an exorbitant travel time to my overall fee.

In any case, I do my best to get the job done within an hour and routinely include the additional time up to 20 to 30 minutes, with a few exceptions.

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What sort of circumstances can change flat rates for Ventura County incontinence cleanup services?

  • No electricity,
  • Heavy clutter
  • Poor parking arrangements
  • Difficult working conditions

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Early Notice

I know that this is redundant. But I must say it again. Any incontinence service request calls from Ventura County received after 10 AM in the morning require an additional $100 fee. I must charges fee because of the many hours of travel I must endure because of Los Angeles County and Ventura County traffic congestion.

Calls made later in the day are usually serviced the following morning. I can begin as early as 5 AM or earlier. It is my habit to arrive at an incontinence cleanup job my 5 AM in any case. For those families that make an appointment the previous day, I can wait as long as 8 AM or 9 AM to begin work. I simply arrive at the address and then leave until the appointed cleaning time.


I do not leave my email address on any of my incontinence cleanup webpages. Doing so would invite email spam. So when a caller calls for incontinence cleanup service, I give the caller my email address during the telephone call. This is the best I can do.

I have over 20 years experience on the Internet and I know too well that once the spammers get hold of an email address, my email address dies for business purposes. It is the same way with a telephone number. We all know how telephone spammers become parasitic and abuse our freedom from harassment daily. I receive at least six spam telephone calls per day. I have lost too many email addresses from spammers over the last 17 years.

What I Include -

  • My prices are fixed, which means my fixed prices as noted on this page; if I find that more than an hour is required, I alert the responsible party before work begins. People anticipate longer cleaning times when feces is wide spread, in any case.
  • My cleaning materials come with the cleaning service.
  • My cleaning service includes removal of feces soiled materials as requested, not to include furnishings.
  • I am insured to clean biohazards.

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Tools for feces cleanup are simple, as you might suspect. Scrub brushes, scrub pads, and wet dry vacuum, mop, squeegee, paper towels, clean towels, and sometimes a father is used to disinfect wide areas with a bleach and water solution.

  • Fans (as needed)
  • Fogger (at times)
  • Mops
  • Scrubbing tools
  • Squezzees
  • Wet/Dry Vaccuum

It is because of the wet dry vacuum that I often wait until after 8 AM cleaning in an apartment building. In a house it usually doesn't matter what time I use the vacuum as far as families are concerned. Mobile home parks have rules about using noisy equipment before 8 AM.

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Most likely cleaning up human feces following an incontinence event is not very risky. I say "not very risky" if the feces is kept at a distance and remains on a surface. It is best not to cause human feces to become airborne. It is also best to clean and disinfect thoroughly.

Incontinence can often arise from E. coli contamination. E. coli contamination has led to outbreaks of incontinence over the centuries. Feces contaminated water kills thousands of people every year. Over the centuries it has killed millions. In most urban settings, though, human feces clean up as a result of incontinence is not all that dangerous. Gloves, cleaning and disinfecting and then cleaning and disinfecting hands and arms should help protect the cleaner.

There is always a risk. The risk remains unknown. But the likelihood of becoming contaminated by a dangerous bacteria or virus remain low as long as cleaning precautions are taken.

Probably a greater risk than the human feces is the potential for slipping and falling. Most of the objects in any bathroom are dangerous when fallen upon. So is strictly bathroom for can cause serious injury to the incontinence cleanup practitioner. Likewise, there are risk taking moments when moving cleaning equipment to and from a vehicle.

Then there are risk-taking moments as far as damaging furnishings in a home. So moving cleaning equipment must be done carefully.



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