Ventura Feces Cleanup Narrative


Expect to pay $250 service fee, which may include up to one hour of labor, depending on overall conditions. See conditions below.

Ventura feces cleanup for most defecation on Ventura private property, incontinence due to illness or other causes, and accidental poop related matters. Call my telephone number to arrange for a feces cleanup appointment or simply to ask questions.


Ventura Feces Cleanup Service

My service includes the following:

  • Guaranteed cleaning
  • Price guarantee.
  • Bleach for disinfecting.
  • Feces soiled materials are removed from premises.
  • I arrive early in the morning.
  • I accept cash and direct payment by credit or debit card at my PayEddie.Com web site.

Blood cleanup issue sometimes arise been doing feces cleanup. Generally, I do not charge a biohazard cleanup the or feces containing human blood. In such cases the blood contamination is minimal. There are times when a blood cleanup job, biohazard cleanup job, will also involve feces cleanup. But that is an entirely different discussion. You need not worry about it unless you did call me for blood cleanup.

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Ventura Fees - $250 for one time homeless cleanup events, with some exceptions, call.

As noted above, I generally charge $250 per feces cleanup. This fee is charged for most homeless feces cleanup issues involving one or several incidents. It does not cover wide ranging, frequently feces contaminated areas. Homeless encampments are such areas.

For feces cleanup services involving wide-ranging, frequently violated properties by homeless feces, defecation issues, I charge an additional fee. And this is why you need to call to discuss the matter.

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Incontinence Cleaning

For incontinence cleaning, I will charge $250 plus $50 travel time. After the first hour I will begin charging $40 per hour. Most often, incontinence cleanup is done within the first hour. Anytime it goes over an hour, say, an additional 2025 minutes, I ignore the additional fee. Most often when I arrive at an incontinence cleanup scene, I know soon enough whether or not I'll be more than an hour, in any case.

Feces cleanup is a type of infectious waste cleanup. Infectious waste calls for an appropriate fee. Over 6000 known viruses are found in human feces. These viruses are infectious and we know that flu viruses are past and feces.


Metabolic Waste

Metabolic waste is the outcome of our digestive tract. The fact that metabolic waste belongs to life for sea sponges all the way up to Homo sapiens, human beings. The term "feces" came to is my way of Latin, and the term "dregs" was the original Latin. On this page and other feces cleanup pages that I've written over the last 17 years, terms like do-do, kaka lotto, dung, scat, spor, poo-poo give meaning to our metabolic waste. course there are other matters involved in art metabolic waste, like odors.

It is the feces older that gives many people a queasy feeling when doing feces cleanup. We know that mothers are the primary feces cleanup practitioners on our planet and always have been. At one time as cave dwellers human beings made a big deal out of feces cleanup because our feces owners attracted predators.

Therefore, it was important for people to defecate outside of their habitat and bury their poop, not unlike cats do today. Of course dogs are not no one to bury their poop like cats do. In their case, dogs are wide-ranging animals and will not generally stay in one place for long, and unless they are a lactating mother pups.

Today we try to be scientific matters involving human feces, at least in feces cleanup business. So, like people in the medical field, the term "stool" comes to mind. Oddly enough, this term arose from the use of a three legged chair with a whole cut in the top. This all served as a toilet seat. From here the owner would defecate into a pot or pan below the stool hence, the term "stool."



Chambermaid feces Cleanup

During the Middle Ages and write up and tell the 19 century, it was not unlike chambermaid's to empty the pots and pans filled with their master's feces. These pots would be collected throughout the household, or castle with the case was so, and empty them in an appropriate place. In the 19 century these places were nearby fields. Before long the fields would become heavily soiled with human feces. The chambermaid's would step in the feces and carry back on her shoes and thereby contaminate their masters household.

As a result, enterprising entrepreneurs would create chambermaid shoes with high heels to help reduce the amount of feces tracked back into their masters homes. Today it is easy enough to find 7 inch ideals warm by women in the name of "style."


Feces Odor

Regressing to feces odors, I have a pet peeve when it comes to public restrooms with two little ventilation. I have found this to be especially so in truck stops and large warehouse hardware stores like Home Depot. There, doors are Close tightly into little vents poorly serve the needs of the restroom. Lately, I can report, though, the situation has improved. In truck stops doors and been replaced with large wall size openings to bathrooms. Home Depot has placed doorstops on the entrance to the men and women's rooms. At least, these are available where users of the restroom are not exposed as they do their business.

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Diarrhea Cleanup

Unlike and incontinence cleanup, diarrhea usually occurs from the passing illness. True, but illnesses may be the deadliest cholera, but the illness will pass within days in most cases. It is not like a "mechanical condition" found in incontinence.

Many people do not like to cleanup diarrhea because of the infectious waste issues. Some of the viruses and bacteria involved in diarrhea cleanup were quite powerful. Tiny bit goes a long way. E. coli comes to mind for one.

When it comes to E. coli, the diarrhea is so powerful that within a number of hours a patient can become dehydrated. Re-hydrating becomes an important matter to regain health and strength. A simple fast food salad and properly washed can lead to E. coli poisoning.

Often times when there is a diarrhea outbreak across the United States it is because of lettuce, iceberg lettuce in particular, that was contaminated in the field by human feces contaminated by E. coli. Then, the lettuce made its way into the food chain and ended up in anus For the children in the elderly, these contamination of E. coli poisoning can be deadly. For others, it's an inconvenience associated with diarrhea.

Diarrhea usually occurs as a loose, liquid, or a watery bowel movement on a daily basis. It can last for a few days or even for a week. To see if dehydration is occurring it's best to see if the skin has lost its stretching us. Also a person's behavior will seem to be irritable and they may begin to shout with the least provocation. It is understandable because diarrhea is not fun.

A decrease in urinating as well as a loss of skin color and a faster heart rate may occur in some cases. So you can see the hazards of diarrhea lasting for any amount of time. So it is not surprising that most people do not like to do diarrhea cleanup for another person because of the risk.

Usually a diarrhea infection begins with a type of rotavirus. Hospitalization may be called for in the case of some children under five. Specialties in the medical profession include infectious diseases as well as gastroenterology.

Of course the infections occur from viral, bacterial in Paris that it invasions of the stomach and intestines. Contaminated food and water usually the first places to look for causes.

Usually remedies for avoiding diarrhea will include hand-washing, rotavirus vaccination and breast-feeding. Treatments include oral re-hydration as well as zinc supplements. Over 2.4 billion people are contaminated by various diarrhea causing agents each year.

Usually we look to intestinal contamination due to parasites, bacteria and viruses in our food and water as noted above. These infectious materials are contaminated by feces most directly, which you give us pause before cleaning other people's feces. Short duration of watery diarrhea, short duration of blood he diarrhea, and persistent diarrhea that last over two weeks are often associated with diarrhea conditions. Colorado will sometimes cause a short duration of watery diarrhea. Blood becomes present in diarrhea because of frequent bowel movements causing irritation to the heinous and other tissues.

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Such conditions may continue with lactose intolerance, irritable bowel syndrome, and an inflammatory bowel disease. A biohazard diarrhea will also irritate the heinous causing blood to flow with feces diarrhea. Usually medical personnel will ask for a stool sample of a patient's feces to determine the cause of the diarrhea.

Typically, human feces is a solid or semi solid remains from the digestion of food. It is the remains of food that will not fully digested in the small and test times. Thanks to the many hundreds of millions of bacteria in our intestines, this fluid is slowly rotted down in margin testaments. Metabolic waste products like bacteria have altered the bilirubin in dead stomach lining cells. This is what comes out of the anus as we defecate. Humans share similarities of their feces with other animals.

Size, color, texture, and even odors are shared at sometimes. Course diet comes into play as well as living conditions when it comes to odors.

Typically the, because of our diet are feces is quite a bit different than other animals. Mucus coded stomach linings up to give these semisolid texture to our feces. Small pieces of part or, feces with less moisture become harder to discharge than the semisolid feces.

This is not a problem and a normal occurrence when it comes to defecating. Sometimes an incomplete bowel movement will later be discharged where water has been absorbed. We call this discharge feces along with your in human waste. Sometimes excrement will serve.

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Medical practitioners have a need to classify human feces so that they can communicate more information and more clearly more quickly. In the United Kingdom, for example there's the Meyers scale. Noteworthy, medical science has told us that the form of our feces will depend on the amount of time and has spent in the colon. So that we find at least seven feces shapes of concern when it comes to a Ventura feces cleanup job. There are those shapes for your reading pleasure:

  • Like nuts found on the ground drop by squirrels, hard seemingly impassable pieces of feces;
  • Like lumpy sausages rather easily discharge feces;
  • Like sausage and yet cracked on the surface;
  • Like a snake or sausage seemingly smooth and soft;
  • Like soft blobs and clear cut edges;
  • Like feces with ragged edges, mushy fluffy pieces;
  • Like entirely liquid with no solid pieces, watery as found in diarrhea.

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A feces cleanup practitioner will be exposed to physiological orders and occur according to the diet and health status of the feces owners. For example, mediators will have a lot a sulfur -containing amino acid known as methionine. This is a precursor for what will become sulfur containing odorous compounds.

These compounds include Methyl sulfides, Benzopyrrole volatiles (Hydrogen sulfide - H2S being a foul fragrance),

So there is a lot going on when it comes to orders in human feces cleanup work. This adds to the price at times. This is why ask questions about "conditions."

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Why so much?

Feces cleanup task requires that I drive from my home in Orange County, California. You know the driving conditions throughout Southern California. This is why prefer to be in cleaning as early as possible, preferably at sunrise; however, I'm willing to linger somewhere while waiting for an appropriate our to begin cleaning if needed. The time on the road dust.

Overall, even on a small Ventura feces cleanup job, even if it only takes a minute to do, I still lose half a day because of travel time. Plus there's wear and tear on my vehicle and my nervous system because of traffic; under the expenses for gasoline, oil changes, and of course tires.

My last set of tires cost me over $1000. Two weeks before this writing, I paid $800 to have a fuel pump replaced which is a job I used to be able to do years ago. But today, vehicles are built differently and require professional mechanic to do something simple like change a fuel pump.

All of this goes toward price. I know that some people think that this price is not much at all, but then again. They have a lot of discretionary income unlike some of us. Probably for most people, $250 is a lot of money to spend for feces cleanup. Seems like such a simple matter. So why don't they do it themselves?

People did not do feces cleanup when it involves somebody else's feces because of the shame factor, the of noxious odors, just the idea of dealing with it. So there's $250 and it, they will pay it. When it comes to employers, they do not want their employees cleaning up human feces because it's a good way to lose employees.

Some employees do not want to do it begin looking for work elsewhere if they're forced to do human feces cleanup. Of course some employees will do human feces cleanup and given a bonus or the day off.

You would think that people with children would not have so much trouble doing human feces cleanup when someone else's feces is the target of their task. But not so. It's one thing to cleanup feces from one's infant and child, it's another to clean up feces from a perfect stranger. So I have this Ventura feces cleanup business, which really does not do well, which goes to the question of price.

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If I knew that I was going to drive to Ventura three or four times a week, I can reduce my prices. When overall, I'm lucky to ensure the County of Ventura cities three or four times a year at most. So I must charge a pretty penny.

In fact, I offer a price reduction for those businesses that have recurring feces cleanup needs. For example, I have several San Diego County business owners to require my feces cleanup service because of homelessness issues.

But this is not so in Ventura County. Occasionally in Los Angeles County I will acquire a business that needs my feces cleanup business on a recurring service arrangement, say once every other week or every month. So I'm willing to give them a discount. But this is not so in Ventura County.

So, my feces cleanup prices for Ventura are "high" according to some of my customers.

Consider that Ventura County has fewer than 1 million people, which means it does not require my feces cleanup business that often, unlike Los Angeles County.

For example, Oxnard has fewer than 200,000 people while Thousand Oaks has roughly hundred and 30,000. Of course there is Simi Valley with nearly 130,000 today. Wouldn't you know that Ventura itself would have about 110,000. And then the population for Ventura County drops off mightily with Camarillo having fewer than 70,000 and then more part having roughly 40,000 people.

Port Hueneme

Santa Paula has roughly 30,000 while 20 the house about 25,000. And then there's Fillmore with 15,000 or so. The other areas are so few in number that it's really not worth listing them here for my feces cleanup business purposes. They do not even rank well for blood cleanup services near Ventura. Don't forget Moorpar.


Bardsdale, Bell Canyon

Casitas springs, Casa Conejo, Channel Islands Beach

Del Norte

El Rio

Faria Beach,

Hollywood Beach

La Conchita, Lake Sherwood,

Meiners Oaks, Mira Monte, Montalvo,

Newbury Park, Nyeland Acres

Oak Park, Oak View , Ojai, Oxnard

Piru, Point Mugu,

San Buenaventura, Saticoy, Silver Strand, , Somis

Thousand Oaks.

Westlake Village (Portion) (return)



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Ventura Prices

  • $250 service charge (see narrative)
  • $300 incontinence or diarrhea cleanup
  • $250 service charge for large feces cleanup services with hourly rate (see narrative.


Narrative - $250 (Why so much?)

This explanation seems unduly complex, and it is. I have no choice but to outline it here. I can explain on the telephone and at the work site before work begins. Suffice it to say, you know that you will pay a minimum of $250.

A $250 service call is for a one time, homeless or other type of single or small feces cleanup task. Vandalism counts toward this type of Ventura feces cleanup. These types of feces cleanup tasks are completed within 30 seconds up to 10 minutes. I know before hand if an additional fee is required.

When feces cleanup will take over an hour, I will increase my service charge to $300. The first hour of labor is included in this fee. Basically, you will pay a $250 service charge and then an additional $50 for an hour of labor.

What does this mean when it takes more than one hour, but less than two hours. Usually I ignore the additional time up to 20 minutes or even 25 minutes; most often I know before hand if I will take longer than the first hour and need two hours. I do not start work until giving a firm price.

If for some reason I complete the task within the first hour, but over 30 minutes, the fee is still $300.

What is to stop me from ripping you off, from "feather bedding" a feces cleanup task?

Sometimes people will be in the home or business when I do the cleaning. There was even doing my best to get the job done and in the most efficient manner. Besides, most people, including myself, do not enjoy this type of work. We do it because we must for whatever reason. And you know before hand that you cannot find anyone else to do this work because my competitors, biohazard cleanup companies, charge biohazard cleanup prices for feces cleanup.

With that said, you might find a neighbor or relative or even a friend willing to do your feces cleanup task.

Feces Cleanup Conditions

Home safety to lighting and other conditions, I must consider overall conditions for feces prices. There is a list often considered conditions:

  • Can this feces cleanup task be done in the early morning hours, at sunrise if possible?
  • How and when we do pay?
    Is there parking?
  • Is there running water and electricity if indoors?
  • Is this a small or large job?
  • Is this a homeless encampment, a Ventura homeless cleanup?
  • Ventura Animal Feces Cleanup

    I also do Ventura animal feces cleanup for cats, dogs, rats, mice, birds, bears, and other types of wildlife. I rarely climb ladders these days. It is best to call me at any hour and ask what services I can offer for animal cleanup.

    In 2015 I did a very large pigeon poop cleanup in Fresno. This pigeon poop, pigeon feces, wheat about 17,000 pounds is added up. I figure this by weighing the black bags which are about 50 pounds each. It took me over two weeks to do the job. I was sick for three days from the flow, which have been expected because bird poop carries human influenza. This is why we call feces cleanup a "infectious waste cleanup."

    This Fresno building was at one time a pickle factory and four stories high. It was a great billing and actually had a real head up to its loading dock. Unfortunately for the owner, the building had been vacated about five years prior and students from the adjoining Fresno high school broke out many of its windows. A few dozen pigeons moved in then and had their babies and lived there happily, although they share the building with and now that fed upon the pigeon population.

    I do not recall much money I made, whatever was it was not enough. That's the way it is in the feces cleanup game. Some days you win and someday you loose.