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Do not believe cleaning company employees when they say that death's odors are dangerous; they lie.

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Los Angeles Sheriff-Coroner Fraud

Accidents - Biohazars - Blood Cleanup - A California History

Los Angeles blood cleanup services offered through my blood cleanup company guarantees price and guaranteed work. With over 14 years blood cleanup experience spanning across the globe and 24 states, I believe I have enough experience to claim myself as a subject matter expert in this field. The state of California licenes me as a "Trauma Scene Practioner," license #134.

I write about various subjects among my pages here to help diversify my blood cleanup narrative. Below I offer introductions to ongoing writing projects that I link to from within and without this blood cleanup web site.

Los Angeles Sheriff-Coroner Fraud



Accidents involving a dramatic blood loss catches released expect in most cases. In my experience I have cleaned up blood after accidents on construction sites as well as food processing plants in which blood loss could have been anticipated. I say this because of the nature of the work in the nature of the machinery. Carpenters in food processor sometimes take chances around their working environments to save time and labor.

As a result of taking chances, they can shortcuts, I have been led to cleanup after serious blood losses. If nothing else, I have learned that accidents need not happen in most cases.

Some people do find an accident as a incidental or unplanned event. They believe that an accident can breed prevented by not allowing circumstances leading to an accident to occur. With human reason, you would think, we can recognize accident producing situations. We can act before the situations arise and make our environment a little bit safer. The California occupational and safety administration (OSHA) has produced quite a bit of literature on this very idea. In fact, most of those accident producing situations that I have done blood cleanup for in the state of California resulted because workers ignored OSHA rules.

Now that I have placed the blame upon labor for these bloodletting incidents, we should keep in mind that sometimes employers will entice their workers to.speed up. It only takes a quick word from an employer to cause an employee to skip safety steps. I know this from a very short employment. Decades ago with Xerox Corporation. There I was told not to left heavy objects along. But at the end of the working day my duties included ensuring that frames to Xerox machines were no longer on the floor and placed on gravity tables. In the end I was forced to lift these frames to their respective gravity tables. A back injury awaited me for sure.

I once threw away a couple hundred pounds of crushed corn because an injury from a work processing plant left food processor's amputated arm in corn's bucket. There was a case of a food processor speeding up to get work done by the end of the day. He placed his hand and arm inside a revolving spiral drive gear and it first crushed his hand and then yanked his arm out of its socket at the shoulder.

On another occasion and Los Angeles County I clean blood from the bottom of an elevator shaft that was under construction during building development in Marina del Rey. Here are two carpenters had placed an adequate two by fours and plywood over the shaft on the third floor level. As on previous days they stepped out onto the platform and went to work. Only on this day the platform gave way because it was not secured enough. The wood broke in the two carpenters plummeted to the earth below and landed on the basement elevator floor.

The fall alone could have killed both. Instant death from a fall leave less blood cleanup work than bleeding out before death. One carpenter suffered a broken back from the fall. A second died as a result of both the fall and blood loss. It turns out that the second carpenter was holding a skill saw when their makeshift floor broke. Because of the extension cord attached to the saw the sock continued to turn as the carpenter felt their space to the floor. Blood cleanup for this job required quite a bit of effort.

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The Center for Disease Control in Georgia has a very specific and focused definition of biohazard; this definition goes to the heart of labor's predicament in the last quarter of the 20th century and the future.

With the emergence of bloodborne pathogenes (germs) like human immunodeficeny syndrone (HIV) and hepatitis C, human blood cleanup became very risky. Most risky, though, needle stick from carelessly or "accidentally" discarded needles in medical settings were deadly.

Even now over 200 medical workers dies each year from need stick related injuries.

We must use microscopes to see the tiny biohazarous blood cells. Keep in mind that there are over 100 trillion cells in the human body. A great percentage of these have give blood its chemistry and life giving properties.

Now as individuals we humans present a fragile target to many pathogens in our environemt.

Human blood cleanup exposes us to hundreds of millions of infectious bacteria and infectious viruses. In our blood we have a source for bacteria to host viruses. Viruses have no reproductive system and must use other sources to reproduce. Viruses do not constitute "life" in scientific terms.

Microscopic organisms that causes disease, bacteria and viruses, because like bacteria and viruses.

The word microscopic applies broadly to anything that you need a microscope to see. Blood and bloodborne pathogen cells fit this definition. Imagine that we squash bacteria in the palm of our hands. Usually they escape because their size allows them to remain safe in the valleys between between our palms and fingerprints. Hide they do and we must keep this in mind when it's time to wash our hands.

It's hard to imagine something so small. Their tiny size kept medical science from discovering the nature of disease causing blood cells as well as other types of infectious human fluids. So is it any wonder that so many people argued over the existence of the spread of disease by invisible germs?

The germ theory of disease took a while to discover, even with the microscope; once discovered, it took decades to convice doctors of germs as the source of illness and death. It's important that California blood cleanup practitioners understand the seriousness of blood cleanup activities. Still, getting blood cleanup practitiners to believe in the germ theory of diseases has its problems.


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Blood cleanup in California follows the same and similar rules and practices asw in other states. More so, California blood cleanup requirements have more stictly written guidelines; because the California Occupational and Safety Administration (CalOSHA) zeroed in on the nature of blood cleanup hazards early on, we have stricter blood cleanup rules.

My best practices for blood cleanup require that I keep my distance from blood, human or nonhuman. I do this by using extension pools, disposable mop heads. Of course I wear gloves during any blood cleanup. I often wear a mask unless the blood has thoroughly dried and cannot become airborne. Just the same, I keep medical masks and respirator handy in case situations change.

California blood cleanup in the past 14 years lead my business efforts from Shasta California to San Diego California. During the winter months I expect to find more wet or moist blood because there is less dry air in the environment in the spring and especially in the hot summer months I expect to find dried blood. This situation changes because apartments, houses, mobile homes, condominiums have their own environmental controls. Environmental controls mean heating and air-conditioning systems, but may include anything from an open window to indoor fans.

Blood cleanup led my business to Washington DC for a quadruple homicide. There I did blood cleanup in the spring for homicide that occurred in November. Although all the blood had dried, body fat remain pliable. My best blood cleanup practices told me that I needed to use a flat no shovel not unlike a snow shovel. Of course this sort of blood cleanup requires great quantities of bleach to ensure that proper sanitation occurs. Ventilation of the entire residents in this case required open windows and fans blowing because of the heavy, corrosive odors caused by bleach.

I do not use exotic chemicals for blood cleanup. I prefer that my blood cleanup clients can find the same chemicals I use on their own neighborhood supermarket, target, and hardware store shelves. I have no control over residues remaining from exotic chemicals. I clean for the toddler in this means that I believe that a toddler may enter the room soon after I complete blood cleanup. Toddlers a quick to place their hands on the floor as they set and crawl about. They frequently put these hands in their mouth. So exotic chemicals are out of the question.


California state criminal law defines homicide is the taking of another one's life. Whether or not this taking of another's life is done intentionally or accidentally determines whether or not the death penalty can be sought for murder.

Primary homicides occur when the victim does not know the perpetrator; a primary homicide means that both the victim and the offender shared domiciles.

We know from statistical analysis that has reached great accuracy in the science of statistics thanks to computer science, more than half of the suspects who killed an intimate partner would later commit suicide. Ending these romantic relationships by homicide stood as the precursor of suicide among use between the ages of 18 to 24 years old. While in Miami, almost half the children killed by their fathers died during an attack on the mothers. It seems that the children will try to intervene in defense of their mothers, which turns out not to be a good idea. We might want to read total non-taboo by Sigmund Freud for more on this idea of children desiring to kill their fathers.

The FBI tells us that many homicides belonging to the category of domestic homicide occur among members of the same ethnic groupings. Although the FBI uses the term "race" it does not have any legitimate biological basis for doing so, the on skin color. Just the same, this categories Asian works well enough for purposes of finding patterns among domestic homicides. Turns out that of the 91% of black homicide victims their perpetrators were black. It also turns out that white perpetrators murdered 84% of the white homicide victims. On the gender violence issue, males were more likely to die at the hands of Mel killers.

Suicide accounts for self victimization besides suffering. In terms of victimization, the term victims of the social environment incorporates individual, class or group oppression.

Researchers now tell us that homicide rates in the United States declined over the past several years. This does not mean that homicide is any less serious. In fact, for black males the odds of dying as the victim of a homicide are roughly 875 to 1. Compare this to white males with a one in 3,374 chance of dying by homicide and we get a staggering difference.

The majority of California homicides occur in households. Perpetrators of these homicides are usually males and victims of these homicides are usually females. Most often these homicides occur between husband and wife, and homicides between domestic partners also occur. The rate of these homicides accounts for approximately 53% of all California homicides. Most frequently "heat of passion" becomes an explanation if not an alibi for the occurrence a homicide in domiciles. The state apparatus seems to accept this explanation given the conditions.

Today's California homicide rates are way down. The decline in homicide rates has shown such a sharp decline that it resembles the dramatic declines in homicide rate among unrelated adults in the first two centuries of US settlements. Then, during the 17th through 19th century's family and intimate homicide rates varied very little from one century to the next. The changing levels of violence between unrelated adults had some influence over relations between lovers, spouses, and other relatives. Family and intimate homicide rates followed a different pattern, because they were driven by forces that have little to do with skewed research.

Overall, family and intimate homicides were extremely rare. In all of New England, only about 35 spouses and 25 adult relatives were murdered before 1800. Native Americans suffered intimate murder rates as high as 15 to 20 times the rates of African-Americans and European Americans. This rate peaked in the mid-18th century. What happened in their situation derived from intense pressures created by warfare and the loss of their land to European encroachment.

Mutual dependence on family ties for support extended between relatives, neighbors, and others. Seldom were there relationships lethal because of this dependence. Cultural patterns and practices created differences in lethal violence just the same. Although intimate murders were rare in England, they did occur in England three times the rate as they did in New England. It seems that the hardships of frontier life and the need for cooperation on small farms Family business is going. This encourage family members to work together. The old world rules and conditions were not as conducive to eliminating lethal violence in families.

Of course in Chesapeake homicide rates were higher than in England or New England. The high murder rate in Chesapeake oh some explanation to the lack of or failure of intervention by family members.



Aside cleanup often resembles homicide cleanup and may become a matter for decomposition cleanup. Suicide is the taking of one's life and in previous centuries it was known as "self murder." Suicides occur most frequently among white, elderly males. White males in the United States account for roughly 73% of all suicides while white females account for about 17% of suicides. You can find these figures in the suicidology textbook.

If we look for the many causes of suicide we would look to alienation as a primary factor. Alienation means to be cut from or somehow aloof from social circles. Alienation means to lack concern for one's self as well as others. But it is a general term. More specific causes will be fine and research related to gun violence, for example. Researchers have shown that following sports events involving boxing, fictionalize suicides, and other forms of violence factor positively into suicide causation research.

A California History


Today's immigrants find themselves in a virtual nationstate. With over $1.5 trillion in economic activity, we find that never before in human history has such a diverse population gathered so rapidly under one political system. By 2004 the unified school District of Los Angeles reported some 92 languages were used by a student population.

The city of Los Angeles became the second largest Mexican city in the world. With a population approaching 37 million, Los Angeles is now the second largest urban region and the nation. Of course it outranks the San Francisco Bay area as well is a sacramental County and Sacramento valleys. As a separate state, Los Angeles County would have the fourth largest state in the country.

Referred to as "Oildorado" by some the Los Angeles basin alone in 1924 produced 230 million barrels of oil.

California's growth translated into more growth for Los Angeles County. Because the County continues to grow by tens of thousands every year it is almost impossible for the school district keep up with increasing needs for bilingual students. Then there is the competition from the electronic age competing for student attention. By the early 1990s, California had dropped to the lowest rankings in terms of scores and dollar spent on kindergarten through 12th grade education. In 1993 for example, fourth-graders in California were vine with fourth-graders and Mississippi for the dubious distinction of being the worst readers in the nation.

In 1996 the state of California spent 43% of its budget on kindergarten through 12th grade education. Los Angeles County assimilated millions of non-native English speakers into the American life. Los Angeles County accounted for the immigration that the rest of the country sidestepped, but not completely. Immigrants from South American and these two Bangladesh and Bangkok Taiwan made their way into the County. Social programs grew and as they did came under close scrutiny. The new deal came late the California. But new deal thinking remain characteristic of the state up until the present.

California's one greatest asset, its people, soon overburdened the states resources. Not just the states resources as a going business concern, but the states environmental resources. When Southern California went to the North for more water, which it intended to move by the peripheral canal running past the wetlands of sacramental Delta northeast of San Francisco, voters rejected the major. It died a 62% vote against it.

Over the next decade though, California became a more environmentally conscious state. Even the Green party California took root in the 1990s. It looked to David Brower for its supreme profit and avatar. Actors Peter coyote and Ed Bagley Junior, the singer Bonnie Raitt, and former congressman Dan Hamburg of Ukiah, ran campaigns for office with a million-dollar warchest. A green entered the state assembly in 1998.

The Pacific lumber company remain an old growth forest lumber company. Although its harvesting practices were unsustainable in the long term, it would become corporatized and its logging practices were clearly unsustainable. Before long old growth forest in the California redwoods were basically strip mine by clearcutting forest. The headwaters forest the Humboldt County became headquarters for many Earth First! Incursions into the world of corporate supremacy and resource management.. Blood flowed in these mountains in blood cleanup followed. Unfortunately, youthful environmentalist intent on saving the old growth forest for future generations would pay the price and eventually lose the battle against the corporate machine.




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