Homeless Cleanup Narrative


My name is Eddie Evans, and I remove abandoned homeless encampment including homeless trash. I prefer to work at homeless cleanup when it is clear the homeless are no longer in the area.

My experience with our homeless neighbors tells me that a significant number of homeless people are angry, enraged, and sometimes intoxicated. They become violent and are known to intimidate and attack homeless encampment removal company personnel.

I know that a few decades ago many people who would typically have found housing in a California state mental institution are now among our homeless population. A significant number of our homeless population use intravenous drugs; they often willingly or absentmindedly leave their hypodermic needles ("sharps") in their abandoned clothing and trash.

I routinely find drug paraphernalia, including hypodermic needles, in the homeless property along with a variety of weapons. Feces soiled clothing, toilet paper, raw sewage including recently defecated wastes are sometimes included in their abandoned belongings.